Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anne + Brad - The Engagement

I just made a trip down to Calendonia to meet up with Anne and Brad and photograph their engagement session on Brad's farm.

What an awesome place to take photographs. We started just right by the barn and made our way out onto their land in the utility vehicle. Hopefully get to do their trash the dress session out there too in the stream and more open pastures.

Thanks for having me out to the farm to hang out for an hour. I am excited to be a part of your wedding day coming up before you know it, August 6th, 2011.

Make sure you check out the slideshow of their engagement session on the bottom of this post.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

J and J Workshop July 17, 2011 - Eau Claire

Excited to announce that myself and Jodee from Life and Style Photography (www.LifeandStylePhotography.com) have teamed up to do this workshop geared towards the beginner photographer. Anyone who loves their camera and wants to learn how to use it, this will be a great opportunity to learn from two professional photographers. Hands on, live shooting stations, ask questions, and most importantly have fun doing something you love!

Bring your friends for this 6 hour long workshop in the beautiful Florian Gardens.

Please email myself or Jodee for workshop details and registration form.


Emma Joy and Family

She's back again, this cute little lady Emma Joy. For some of you that have seen a few of her images from last year and know her story, thanks for reading again.

Here is the story I posted last year for the new people that don't know about Emma Joy.

Emma Joy Groll was born on July 1st 2008 she was such a perfect little baby 6 lbs 3 oz 21 inches long. I was so happy to finally have a brunette baby! Her and i stayed up late watching tv that night at the hospital. We bonded that night! Not knowing what the next day would bring. The doctor came in the next morning around 11 am. Checking her like they normally do. I remember looking at the doctors face she kept putting her stethoscope up to Emma's chest. She took her out of the room just to take a look at her further. She said I think it should only take a few minutes..2 hours later the news came. The cardiologist from the pediatric department came in..I remember her look..I will never forget her face.

I was so confused that next 20 minutes her explaining that my daughter had Hypo-plastic Left Syndrome. She was born without the left ventricle of her heart.(emma was actually born with a small not developed left ventricle )
The three options they gave us were
1- Take her home to pass away
2- A heart transplant..but they cant guarantee that she would get a heart in time. Or her body might reject it and she will die.
3- Have 3 open heart surgeries in a matter of 2-3 years

We sat there in disbelief! What my baby might die. At that point all i wanted to do was do everything in my power to save my baby. As the doctor was talking to us they rushed emma up to the PICU of the hospital to hook her up to medication to help keep a ductus open for blood flow in her body. If it wasn't for that ductus that stayed open longer then what it usually does she would have gone into cardiac arrest. But thank the Lord hers stayed open!!
They flew her by jet an hour later to Childrens Hospital of Milwaukeer.We did not go home for almost 4 months!

On July 10th 2008 Emma joy had her first open heart surgery called the Norwood surgery. That was a long recovery. Then on September 29th 2008 Emma had to have an early 2nd surgery do to her heart starting to give up..it was time for the Glenn open heart surgery. We finally were able to come home on October 12th 2008. It was a long haul especially being away from our other 2 little girls for so long. We have been home since. A couple nights hospital stay since but other wise Emma is doing great. She is growing like any other child.
What may the outcome of her life persist of. It is a question for everyone. We really don't know. The oldest person living with HLHS is only 23 years of age. They say Emma will probably need a heart transplant at some point. But HLHS babies living is a brand new thing. Her next surgery we are guessing will probably be spring of 2011. Then after that close a whole in her heart later on. But we are trusting our God that He will keep her healthy and live a long life with her family and friends.

Emma doesn't go anywhere because of her heart condition. We cant take the chance of getting her sick. So for Jared coming into our home and helping us take Emma joys first pictures EVER! Was not only a blessing but such a great gift. I was so unbelievably overwhelmed with joy when he showed me her pictures! I never thought anyone could capture the love that is in those eyes of hers that I see every day. The fight for life that she has. Jared is an amazing photographer and now we would like to call friend. We for sure wont be using anyone else. Thank you Jared! You have done something for us that we wont ever forget. God Bless!!
Parents of Emma Joy Groll
Heart Hugs!!

These next 4 images were taken last year in their home.
A new year for the Groll family, and a new edition to their family as well :)
I was so excited to see the girls again, and especially Emma Joy. There is just something about this little angel that makes me smile. The cutest little girl, she's always so happy running around. Now she's talking and giggeling like never before.
It is an honor to be trusted and welcomed into their home to photograph their family, and to be able to watch their little ones grow every year. It's amazing to see the love and devotion that you two have together and with your family. I cannot imagine all of the things Liz and Justin have been through with everything throughout the years with hospital visits, stay overs, and hardly being able to go on a family vacation because of Emma's condition and the risk of her being sick. I am working on something for your family that I plan on announcing May 1st that I hope you are as excited about it as I am. Thanks again for allowing me to come into your home to photograph your family!

Check out the slideshow of Emma Joy and the Groll Family

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photographers weekend-Jennifer Whalen and Eric Wuennenberg

Haven't posted for awhile, been crazy busy trying to get caught up on some stuff!!

Just a quick post from last weekend. A good friend and old mentor Eric Wuennenberg of Performance Photo out of Westby Wisconsin (www.Performancephoto.net) came up to my place in Hudson this weekend for a photoshoot with some fashion models and a tag along with photographer Jennifer Whalen (www.JenniferWhalen.com). Jennifer photographed a couple of her friends with some experimental lighting that Eric and I assisted and hung out at the Guthrie Theatre downtown Minneapolis, so go check out her blog to see some of the shots we helped out on.

After a few hours of helping out, Eric wanted a headshot of himself for his website so we set up in a little cove by the elevator bank with a really neat dark blue window behind. I set up the light for a couple quick shots and we were out of there.
Eric and I also attended a Scott Kelby training workshop from 10-5 last Monday for some live shooting and retouching from a big name pro. It was a neat workshop and learned some useful editing techniques and always fun catching up with a good friend and talking photography for a day or two. Eric also came back this past weekend for another seminar at the Hilton in Minneapolis for Sandy Puc and Jerry Ghionis.

In my opinion Jerry is one of the best wedding photographers in the WORLD. I have seen him twice in Vegas at WPPI and again last weekend in the cities. He is so inspirational and his work is breath taking. I look up to Jerry and his work, and am constantly going to seminars and workshops to learn and educate myself to get better for my future brides :)
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