Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amber + Mike - The Engagement

Driving all over the state of Wisconsin within a couple days, Mike and Amber were able to swing through town for a quick engagement session Sunday morning. Between school, class schedule, and their short term, long distance relationship schedules were crunched but we made it work.

Mike and Amber are getting married next Labor Day weekend in Door County. I am so excited to be able to capture their special the day in Northern Wisconsin in the Fall.

Congrats to Mike and Amber on your engagement!
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Candi + Joe - 40 Happy Years :)

I had gotten an email from Tara inquiring about a surprise family session for her parents for their 40th wedding anniversary present.

They were on a tight time schedule with having dinner reservations at the Freight House downtown La Crosse, so we met an hour before on a HOT sunday afternoon and shot for 40 minutes.

Congrats to Candi and Joe on 40 happy years :)
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Scott + Jen - Trash the Dress

I was so excited when Jen messaged me on facebook asking me to do their "Trash the Dress" session. For some odd reason when they asked me to shoot their wedding I had other obligations and couldn't photograph their wedding. So I wasn't their photographer for their wedding, but that didn't stop them from asking me to do their "Trash the Dress" session.

Scott is a Holmen Alumni of 2004, a year ahead of me. We have been friends since High School, and played baseball together making it to the State tournaments in Appleton, so Scott was big into baseball before he met Jen, but both are big Brewer fans. A bunch of baseball ideas came into my head but there was 1 shot that really got me excited and I am going to save that for last just for you guys :) Also have a video of the shoot and what we did for it, there was no staging, this was for real, no photoshopping, only two takes.
Alright, time for the shot I was so excited about!! It popped into my head just before we met up for the shoot and we nailed it :) Watch the video first to see what we did to make it happen. Special thanks to my Dad for the use of his ladder and leaf blower even though he didn't know I took them, and another thanks for Ryan for coming along to assist. I will also be taking Ryan to Las Vegas in November to assist me at a wedding I am shooting out there.

What a fun shot, and Jen has been the first bride that has actually ruined her dress, what a trooper!! "I'm not going to wear it ever again!"
Congrats to newly weds Scott and Jen. Thanks for hanging out for a "Trash the Dress" session and a few drinks after :)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tanner + Kelsie - The Wedding

Another hot but amazing August day for Tanner and Kelsie's wedding :) This was an amazing group of people to work with and was honored to be a part of their special day.

Right from the get-go, the bridesmaids were so laid back and easy going. I had known a few of the guys in the wedding party and the ones I didn't had fermiliar faces. I played baseball against Tanner and a couple of his groomsmen in High School, and then I played College baseball with both Tanner and his younger brother Colton, and an amature woodbat league with Tanner. Both are great ball players, Colton isn't as good at baseball as he is giving a bestman speech though. Great speech Colton, had me laughing.

As usual, I started with the bridesmaids right away, got a couple detail shots right away and then Kelsie and Tanner had their "first moment" before pictures started before the ceremony.
Tanner and Kelsie both BIG Twins fans. Big enough to get a Twins gaarder.
Ceremony was the perfect length, not too short and not too long.
We had gotten ALL of the posed pictures done before the ceremony which meant only one thing....More time for fun group shots and their romantic session.

I was super excited about this group because they were all troopers knowing it was almost 90' and sunny outside. They all hung in their and had a blast shooting pictures. Kelsie's Dad had a friend that escorted Kelsie and Tanner around town in his 1957 Chrysler. What an AMAZING car.
After we focused on getting the wedding party shots done and let them head back down to The Sports Hub for a couple of cold cocktails, Tanner and Kelsie hung out with me for another 20 minutes or so for some shots of just the two of them :)
Thanks to John for allowing us to use his beautiful car for Kelsie and Tanner's wedding images.

After a quick portrait session of Kelsie and Tanner, they went to The Sports Hub for a quick drink and I went to the City Brewery Hospitality center in La Crosse to get some details, photograph them cutting the cake, and get ready for their grand entrance and dinner speeches.

I'll call Annie's (Kelsie's Sister - Matron of Honor) speech "The Ugly Truth" and I don't even know what to call Colton's (Tanner's younger brother -Best Man) other than maybe a stand up comedy routine. Both were great speeches guys!
Time for the first dances - so much emotion every weekend, it's such a fun experience to be able to see the love that Tanner and Kelsie have for one another and both families.
Congrats to both Holland and Hill families on your new additions. It was a blast being able to work with such an amazing group of people. Thanks for chosing me to capture your special day.

All of Kelsie and Tanner's images will be posted on my website within 2-3 weeks for purchase.
www.JaredLeeLLC.com - Order Images.

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