Sunday, October 31, 2010

Becki + Andy - The Wedding

Well just got back from my own honeymoon in Aruba. Heather and I had an amazing time, even with getting the tail end of hurricane Tomas with rain almost every day, but we did get atleast two days of sun.

Back to work :) A lot going on this week with trying to wrap up "The Gym" calendar, un-packing, then re-packing for this weekend's wedding in VIVA LAS VEGAS! A lot of work to do before I head out, but going to be a great five days with Allison and Logan out in the desert.

Now to Becki + Andy....What a great way to end my 2010 wedding season the the La Crosse area. Perfect day, great couple to work with and we all had a blast.

Started coverage around 10:30am at the Church getting ready with the bridesmaids. Becki and Andy came over a few days before the wedding to tie up some loose ends with details and timeline, and mentioned a few things that were important to them to get some images of, and one of the most important things to Becki was the miniature set, two little girls and a little boy. The bridesmaids all had different colored umbrellas which made for some really fun images.
Becki's something blue....toes
As soon as Becki was in her dress, she was so anxious to see the Mr. Handsome Andy. We set up a little moment outside of the church and had a couple minutes to do a mini session of the two before the ceremony.
After some group images of the girls, it was time for the ceremony. After the ceremony we finished up some family posed images, and took off the Riverside Park for some group images and some of Becki and Andy in the International Friendship Garden on the north end of the park. Andy proposed on the bottom of the little bride inside the garden next to the pond, so they wanted a couple shots of their special place there.
Another big part of Becki and Andy's life is their little pup Lucky. Becki's Dad was kind enough to run home after the ceremony, grab Lucky and bring him down to Riverside park to get a few shots of the family :)
After photographing the party and the couple at Riverside, they wanted to stop at a few bars downtown before the ceremony. Becki and Andy met at Brother's bar on Pearl Street, and wanted some shots of them downtown. What a perfect day for an October wedding. Temperature was just right, not hot, and not cold. My second shooter, Eric and I spent about 45 minutes or so with Becki and Andy, and I wanted them to go off with their wedding party and have a couple drinks and some fun for an hour or so before the reception.
Becki and I came up with a great idea for their "Thank You" cards, Eric ran inside and grabbed a pen and here is our idea!
As Eric and I were photographing them downtown in some alley's behind Cheap Shots, I looked up, the amazing blue sky with almost popcorn shapped clouds, I wanted to get a neat shot of the couple and the sky to show off their beautiful October wedding day weather.
We were walking towards the new bus Station on 3rd Street, and I was trying to find another sky image, the image above didn't cut it for me. We were standing on the sidewalk next to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car parking lot, and the sign was just to the left of them, but I wanted a different angle.....So we got away from the sign, and were in the middle of the parking lot of all the rental cars as you can see pictured below (Thanks Eric for the perspective) and here is what we got :) one of my favorite shots of the day.
Now as far as thinking of a creative shot for their rings, I wanted them to think of all the good times they had downtown together, for them to remember all the memories when they look at their ring shot.

As Eric and I left downtown, I went into the one and only Peanut Pub bar (Cheap Shots) and grabbed a plastic cup full of salted in shell peanuts to take to the reception hall to play around with before the wedding party arrived.
Another cup cake buffet for their cake :)
This was one of the most fun receptions I've seen. To get the couple to kiss, you either had to come up and tell a story about the couple, or do a funky dance. After the speaches all of the bridesmaids were followed by the Bride herself for "THE THRILLER" and they all had a blast, well as you can tell the girls on the left didn't really know "The Thriller", but the girls on the right sure did. As far as the little guy Kenny.....He didn't know what to do!
Time for the Grand March, and the first dances. Again, what a great wedding to wrap up my 2010 wedding season in the La Crosse area. So much emotion, my favorite thing to photograph.
A huge congrats to Becki, Andy, and both families. A perfect late October wedding, I hope you guys had a perfect day and thanks for chosing Jared Lee Photography to capture your special day!

All of Becki and Andy's images will be posted on my website to view and purchase within two months at - Order Images.

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