Thursday, July 29, 2010

Connie + Seth - Trash the Dress

Ohhh what a fun time we had this morning doing Connie and Seth's "Trash the Dress." Again for all of the potential brides "Trash the Dress" sounds worse than it is. It's essentially an engagement session after your wedding with your wedding attire on, photographing in places you wouldn't go on your wedding day.

I photographed Connie and Seth's wedding April 24th, 2010, which was actually my first blog post. Connie and I had talked about doing a "Trash the Dress" type of session, and we made it happen this morning. I told her that we'd be going down to the walking trails and creek bottoms and to get some sandals or some crocs to walk in the creek.

We met at 9am and took a nice little walk down the trails behind my apartment in Holmen. The walking trails are gorgeous and at 9am the lighting was perfect, just peaking through the tree tops. We passed over creek bottoms and tall grasses lining the edges of the creek.

Great session today guys, and Seth I'm glad you made it to Fayzee's for your meat lovers breakfast :) Great seeing you guys again!

Jeremy - Senior Portrait

Jeremy and I met up around 6pm, drove around, talked for a bit to get to know eachother and started shooting some of his senior pictures.

Cool kid I must say, reminds me a lot of myself in away, minus the big mop of hair on his head ;) Jeremy is big into snowboarding and baseball, although I was baseball, basketball, and football, I still enjoyed going snowboarding with friends as often as we could. You may also see Jeremy working at Best Buy selling cameras and electronics as well.

This year Jeremy and a couple of his buddies are making a big trip out west to go boarding. have fun and be safe out on the slopes.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Luke + Mallory - The Wedding

The big Onalaska and Holmen cross town rivalry....Luke and I pitched against eachother all throughout high school baseball, batteling back and forth for the best record and best ERA...Well, we tied, we were both awarded second team all conference pitchers. The good times right Luke? Seeing all of the baseball guys at your wedding last night brought me right back to the days of 85' with full gear either behind the plate against Onalaska or on the mound throwing heaters, curve balls, or change ups past everyone except you, Joey Casper, and Weber :) Luke and Mal came over Wednesday night to look at a few albums and Luke invited me to have breakfast with all the guys Saturday morning before the wedding. Was a great way to get to know some of the guys in his party that I didn't already know. A big thanks for Matt for buying everyone breakfast, sorry I couldnt finish all my pancakes :)

On to Mallory, I believe I met Mal through some mutual friends through school in La Crosse a couple years back, but then put it together when you and Luke came over to book me as your wedding photographer. I was so excited to be a part of your special day even knowing it was going to be in the middle of July when it's 90' and humid. We lucked out yesterday and had great weather. What a great day, to be honest I knew Mal was going to have a lot of smiles throughout the day BUT the only time I DID NOT see a smile on Mal's face was when we were taking pictures and I had asked her not to smile and to have a serious face. Pay attention to all the images of Mal. I don't think I've seen a bride with a smile on her face the ENTIRE day.

Again, every weekend all of the bridesmaids welcome me with open arms. They were all fun, full of energy and unbelievably supportive of Luke and Mal's big day, it was all about Luke and Mal. I even got a smile out of the flower girl :)
Mal's sister had told me it was very important to get a few images of when Mom got to help Mal put on her jewelry and helped with last minute touch ups. It's a very special time for Mom's to be able to see their daughter glowing before she walked down the isle.
As Luke and Mallory went up to light the unity candles, Luke accidentally dropped the candle as he was placing it back in it's holder which everyone that saw it got a kick out of it. I know I laughed outloud. I had to catch myself because only feet away Luke's older brother Matt was singing. Good going Luke.
Matt, now you can say that you made your little brother cry, just like in the old days, except now you didn't even touch him.
After the ceremony we went to Pettibone to do some wedding party pictures, the girls looked great, even with a little attitude.
As soon as we all got to the reception at the La Crosse Center Ballroom, I did a few detail shots and grabbed their rings before the grand entrance to be sat for dinner.
After dinner were speeches, one of my favorite times of a wedding other than the Bride and Groom's private session, I love all the emotion and smiles. I got a feeling throughout the day that there was going to be a lot of emotion with the families and their speeches for eachother, especially from Tom, I couldn't WAIT to hear this story.

I guess the story was a golfing accident.....? That's not what Sue told me Tom, she said you got out of line and she had to put her foot down! No, just kidding. Tom said it was a self enduced golfing accident and he hit himself in the face with a golf club.
After the speeches and during the slideshow I was able to chat with the DJ, not to mention one of the best DJ's and most requested DJ's for a wedding in the greater La Crosse area, Steve Michaels of Music Mix of La Crosse ( Good to see you again Steve.

He told me the dance was going to start around 8:30 or 8:45 and that I had time to go take Luke and Mal for a short private bride and groom session. We didn't have to go far with this couple, so full of love and smiles it was so easy to photograph them. We left the ballroom and headed down an alley towards Riverside Park. I still can't get over the fact of how much Mal was smiling, ALL day.
Time to dance, first dance, father-daughter, and mother-son. Also another favorite part of the day for me to photograph. A lot of emotion for parents. Steve Michaels came up to me in the middle of the mother-son dance and whispered, "There is another one after this, don't leave!" Often times I'm usually done after the three first dances are over, but when they have a parent dance, I stay. Thanks Steve for giving me a heads up.
Lastly I wanted to tell Luke and Mallory that you both looked amazing yesterday thanks to you and both sets of parents for chosing me to be your wedding photographer. It was an honor to be a part of your son and daughter's special day. What an amazing group of people to be around, especially with the background that the Zubriggen's and I have with baseball and basketball. I hope you all had an amazing day, I am so happy to be able to say I was the one to capture Luke and Mallory's day a fraction of a second at a time. Congrats to both families!

All images will be posted within two weeks for purchase on my website for friends and family. -> Order Images -> Weddings -> Luke + Mallory

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