Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shane + Barb - The Proposal

Today I had one of the neatest experiences in my life. I do get to travel a lot to photograph weddings, but today was a first for me. A good friend, Shane, had told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend in March and that he wanted me to photograph the proposal. I knew I was going to be home the last week of March and that is actually when he planned on doing it, so it worked out great. Started off this morning at about 5AM to a text message "Want to go get breakfast, I can't sleep" I responded back at about 8AM "Still sleeping....8:30AM I'll meet you at Jacqlyns" We talked a little bit about it there, and asked if he was going to be ready to do it at around 11AM so I could head back home to Hudson. We met at the mall, you could tell he was a little nervous, he was going to do it at her work. All of you know her, she is the cute little short choppy haired lady that is the manager of the Buckle, Barb :)

The excitement to photograph this was awesome and as I walked into the store with this monster camera, I went up to a table, put it down and put a pair of jeans over it (not thinking clearly of covering the strap) so Barb was with a customer and we were walking around and we see her go up to the table where my camera was hidden so we freaked out because she placed a pair of jeans right next to the camera strap and I thought for sure she saw it, but she didnt...

Shane told her to come over by him and she replied back with an "I'm busy..just hold on" No. No. come over here quick I need to talk to you about something......and the rest was history.

Check out the slideshow of his proposal.

Congrats Barb and Shane, I am so happy for you!!

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  1. What a great moment! I love Barb!!! You captured it well....