Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mollie + Jesse - The Riviera Maya Mexico Wedding/Trash the Dress

I don't even know where to start....Showing up at Dream's Resort in Riviera Maya, Puerto Adventuras, I knew I was in for a treat the next couple days, since I've already got to know the Delagrave's a little bit this summer out on the river.

The entire group of just over 20 was a blast, couldn't have asked for a better group of people to soak up some ray's, drink some adult beverages, and capture the love of this amazing couple and family.

I started the trip in sort of reverse order with a mini-engagement at 11am and then a trash the dress session in the afternoon after a catamaran tour and snorkeling. They were originally supposed to be married in March, and had to switch the date due to airline schedule, and asked if I could photograph their wedding February 19th as I was scheduled to leave for Las Vegas on Saturday the 20th for a photography convention at the MGM Grand, so I didn't have much time to do a post wedding trash the dress because I was leaving at 7am on Saturday.
After the quick engagement session, we all met up to head down to the marina to catch the catamaran! 85, sunny, calm water....We sailed past Dream's and the chain of resorts towards a reef about a 45 minute cruise where we were going to be snorkeling. What an amazing group as you can see in the pictures, they WERE NOT much fun at all :)
After getting back to the resort, Mollie and Jesse quickly changed and met me back downstairs for their mini-trash the dress session. Mollie had two dresses, a shorter one for trash the dress and then an amazing dress for the wedding day.

The Wedding day

I started with a few details before meeting Mollie around 2pm, the ceremony was at 3 in the afternoon out in the gazebo almost floating off the shoreline over the water.
Mollie and Jesse wrote their own vows, and as AJ (The best Man), Jesse and I got a drink or two, we would ask Jesse, how his vows were coming. He told us that they were coming, he stayed up late one night or got up early one day and wrote them. I told him he was probably going to make me cry since I am big teddy bear, and get emotional at almost every wedding which is why I love my job so much, all of the emotion....Sure enough, as soon as Jesse dropped a tear, I dropped one as well.
After the ceremony they had a cocktail hour before the reception and I took that opportunity to let the sun go down a little, photograph a few reception details, before we took some pictures of the wedding party and a few of Mollie and Jesse alone.They started the reception right away with the first dance, then to father-daughter. They also hired a violinist to play during dinner which was a great touch to their small, romantic candle lit dinner.
Mollie and Jesse wanted something special for the Delagrave's, so after the first portion of the meal, I stole Todd and Deb for a quick portrait session of just the two of them outside. After their quick portrait, as all of my followers know, one of my favorite parts of a wedding are the speeches, and you can see why in these images of this group!
O DOG! - Olivia, maid of honor, Mollie's younger sisters nick name.Their group met a small group of people from Madison that they took in over the week. One of the guys from the group, Tim, got up and gave a small toast during their reception. Tim told it all, he stated how it felt like they knew the wedding group for years, even thought they've only known them for a week or so. They were so warm-hearted, welcoming, and friendly... Couldn't have said it better.Good luck charm on their wedding night, there was a full moon out. I tried to grab a couple night shots of the moon, but doesn't look too full from here, but what an amazing night.____________________________________________________________________

Day Four - 6AM Sunrise - Trash the Dress session

Bright and early, they met me on the beach at 6am for sunrise before I left on my shuttle from the resort at 7am to head to Las Vegas. This was probably one of the coolest sessions I have ever photographed, I hope you can see why.
Time to TRASH THAT DRESS!!!!!! When you look back on your wedding day 15,20, 30 years from now and your kids or grandchildren ask you about your wedding day....What can you tell them, or most importantly show them what you did crazy on your wedding day.

I look at this next image and you can't help but see the love, the happiness, craziness even, but most importantly how much fun they had during their couple days getting married in Mexico.
I can't tell Mollie and Jesse how much fun I had in Mexico for their wedding journey with their family and friends. Thank you so much for inviting me into your family for a few days and allowing me to capture your once in a life time special day. Congrats to Mollie and Jesse and to your families on their new editions!

Thanks for choosing me!

Mollie and Jesse's wedding images will be posted on my website within a month at under "Order Images"


  1. Wow you took a lot of photos! Awesome stuff!

  2. OMG! Jared-those pictures are amazing! Made me cry all over again! I felt like I was right back there again. You did an unbelieveable job of capturing the whole experience. Anyone who sees these pictures will feel as if they were there too! Thank you SO much for the beautiful photos.

    Deb Delagrave

  3. Jared,

    Thank you so much for coming all the way to Mexico to help me and my family document the amazing time we all had! We had such a great trip and everything went so well... it was absolutely way beyond my expectations. I am so happy we met a long time ago and that we chose to have you be a part of the whole experience :) You did such a great job with our group and I cannot thank you enough for the photos!!! Jesse and I are really excited to take these photos and hang them all over our house.

    Mollie Vichich :)